Silent installations - additional info for network administrators

Sometimes an IT administrator needs to install TerrSet silently via command-line to push it to multiple machines.  If there are problems with the silent install, it may be because some parameters that need to be set, if the default ones aren’t working.

Here is a sample command line that could be used (from a cmd prompt, running as administrator):
d:\pass\setup_terrset_2020_19_07.exe /S /L="d:\pass\ter_install_log.txt" TARGETDIR="c:\program files (x86)\terrset2020" USERNAME="TONY" ALLUSERS=TRUE COMPLETE=TRUE SILENT=TRUE QUICKLAUNCHDIR="D:\pass"

Here is a list of variables for target locations, in case you need to change more than just the TARGETDIR or QUICKLAUNCHDIR:

Note: this example used d:\pass instead of c:\windows\temp to eliminate any potential problems related to administrative privileges that the user name might have on the virtual machine it was being tested on. That probably wasn't necessary, I was just trying to reduce the number of things that were uncertain in the test.

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