TerrSet Compatibility with Mac/Linux Operating Systems

General Operating System Compatibility of TerrSet     

        TerrSet is not compatible to natively run on Linux, Sun Solaris, or Mac operating systems. TerrSet is designed specifically to run on Microsoft Windows operating systems. To run TerrSet on non-Windows platforms you must have a Windows emulator or a virtual Windows environment such as WINE for Linux, Win4Solaris for Solaris, Boot Camp for Mac or others such as VMware or Parallels.

Documented issue while running IDRISI Selva on Mac machines        

       Regarding IDRISI Selva running Parallels 7 for Mac, users have experienced issues reading .RDC files associated with IDRISI raster files.  This .RDC file contains the metadata for the IDRISI raster image, and without it produces an unreadable image file. Upon trying to open this raster without the associated metadata file, IDRISI Selva will stop working and subsequently crash. If users have experienced this issue or have found other Windows emulators displaying similar symptoms, we at Clark Labs would be very interested in the setup of you virtual environment and the software you are running to create such an environment.

To those Mac users that think all is lost, read on!  The same users that reported the issue with Parallels 7 were able to run IDRISI Selva seamlessly on a Bootcamp partition on a Mac machine. Additionally, running IDRISI Selva on the Bootcamp partition is generally recommended as you will gain a boost in performance that will be most welcome when running any large computational analysis.

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    Clark Labs Tech Support Team


            We have just confirmed that IDRISI Selva is working properly and with all of the functionality when ran on VMWare Fusion.

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    Nico Ahn

    Has this issue now be fixed in Parallels 8 and/or 9?

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