Japanese Version of Windows 7: Program Won't Launch

A few users running the Japanese version of Windows 7 have reported that they are unable to open IDRISI Taiga/Selva/TerrSet or the IDRISI/TerrSet License Manager even after successful installation. After you click on the icons to launch, it will return an Windows error: IDRISI32_Main Executable had stopped...

The issue has to do with Windows 7 Compatibility settings. Have them follow these steps to resolve:

1.    Right-click on either the IDRISI Taiga/Selva/TerrSet or IDRISI/TerrSet License Manager icon. Choose the option:"Troubleshooting Compatibility".
2.    Select “Try Recommended Settings”.
3.    Click the button: “Start the program…".
4.    Click “Yes” on the User Account Control dialog. 

IDRISI/TerrSet and the IDRISI/TerrSet License Manager should open and run at this point.

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