Resample Discrepancies between TerrSet and ArcGIS

The “Resample” tool in TerrSet and ArcGIS applies the same “Nearest Neighbor” algorithm (assigning the input cell value closest to the output cell center). But the output from these two software can be different depending on the parameters specified.

When the X and Y extent is not exact multiples of the output resolution, ArcGIS keeps the coordinates of lower left corner pixel of the image and cuts off the upper and right side of the image to round off the extent in order to match with the output resolution. In TerrSet, all the parameters (columns, rows, Minimum X, Minimum Y, Maximum X, and Maximum Y) can be set by the user. The resolution of the output image will be set using the following formula:


X Resolution = (Maximum X – Minimum X) / Number of columns

Y Resolution = (Maximum X – Minimum X) / Number of rows


Users can set the extent or resolution by setting these parameters. If users set the same parameters in ArcGIS, the output image will be identical as Idrisi. If the parameters are different, the output images might be different because the center position of output cells are different.


Specifying the cell size in “Environment Setting” in ArcGIS maintains the coordinates in the upper left corner while cutting off the lower and right side of the image to round off the extent in order to match the output cell size.

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    Gabriela Morales


    If i have 3 land use maps (1993, 2002 and 2007), what do I put as input/output reference in ground control points option? As an input I chose the 1993 land use map but i'm not sure what to put down on "output reference " option (this is the RESAMPLE module) I am not sure why I am being asked this.  



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