Importing Shapefiles and Working With Attribute Fields in Database Workshop

When importing a vector shapefile into TerrSet the imported file only contains sequential ID numbers, but the accompanying database created should contain the attribute data fields. To work with a data in any attribute field, you will need to create a separate vector file for that data field.  You can do so through the following steps:

1. Open Database Workshop. (Data Entry | Database Workshop)
2. Open the database for your vector file. Establish the Display Link to the appropriate vector file. Establishing this link creates a .vlx file.
3. Select File | Export | Field | to vector file
    a. Enter the output vector file name
    b. Enter the field to export
4. The new vector file that appears will display data from your chosen field for each point, line, or polygon in your original vector file.  You can then run Idrisi modules on that data.

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