Upgrading to Windows 10

Upgrading your operating system to Windows 10 may cause your Clark Labs' software to lose its license. This applies to TerrSet, IDRISI Selva, IDRISI Taiga and Land Change Modeler for ArcGIS 2.0. Our software, including TerrSet, has been tested with Windows 10 and we have found no compatibility issues other than the normal licensing issues when installing a new operating system.
To avoid any licensing issues, we suggest that you deactivate your current license from the License Manager, then reactivate the license after the Windows 10 update. You should not need to uninstall the software.
To deactivate your license, open your License Manager for the appropriate Clark Labs' software, and select to deactivate the license. You must be connected to the internet to deactivate your license. You will need your License ID and Password to deactivate. These are the same credentials you used to activate your license when you purchased your software. 
If you fail to deactivate your license before upgrading to Windows 10, you may get a message when opening TerrSet that the license cannot be activated or that the license is corrupted. See if the license file is contained in the virtual store for your login. Look in the folder c:\Users\<username>\appdata\local\virtualstore\Program Files (x86)\TerrSet\License and if the file terrset.lic exists, delete it, and try the activation again.
Project Files (.env)
Due to UNC restrictions, if you do not have write access to the Program Files (x86) folder where you Clark Labs' software is installed, your settings, including your Project files (.env) are written to the \Users\<login>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\<version>\Projects. You will need have the ability to view hidden files and folders in Windows Explorer to see if this folder exists. If it does, then this folder contains all your Project files. If you do not want to lose these files, you should back them up before you update to Windows 10. 
After you have updated to Windows 10 you can create a new folder and redirect the Clark Labs' software to locate these Project files. To do this, for example, using TerrSet, you can right-click on the TerrSet Explorer\Projects panel, and select the option to Change Projects Folder to this new location. See the attached graphic.
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