Error exceeding the number of floating licenses

Error exceeding the number of seats in the floating license, returned when setting up TerrSet on a client machine.

This may be due to semaphore files not not being deleted on the server. 

Each time a client machine opens TerrSet it writes a semaphore file to the License folder to indicate to the license that there is a user occupying one of the licenses. Once the user closes TerrSet the semaphore file is usually deleted, allowing another user to open TerrSet. When a client machine does not have ‘delete’ privileges to the License folder on the server, this semaphore file is not deleted when TerrSet is closed.

To check to see if this is the issue, follow these steps:

1. Make sure that all instances of TerrSet are closed on the server and client machines.

2. Log in to your server machine and navigate to the TerrSet License folder. 

3. Look for the semaphore files. They should look like “”.

4. Delete all of these semaphore files from your License folder, this will free up licenses for your client machines.

5. If possible, give delete privileges to the client machines to this folder. 

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    Jaime Ramos

    I have this problem, but Idrisi Selva 17. I have a server license for 15 computers.

    And the foregoing is not resolved, I still appears in error "you have exceeded the number of seats in this floating licence"

    On server machine, if the Idrisi Selva works, but on client machines not working, although run as administrator.

    Please help.

    Edited by Jaime Ramos
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    Unidad de apoyo digital

    I having the same issues with my concurrent license server idrisi taiga (license campus version), connecting a client to the server, it produces the error message "you have exceeded the number of seats in this floating licence"

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