How to Determine the Input Parameters from Output Files

If you run operations to create outputs, you may not recall the parameters used or the sequence of steps. There are a couple of options to recover this information.

First, a log file is created for each open session of TerrSet, up to the five most recent sessions. The log file is written to the working folder and is a text file, and is called idrisi32.log, idrisi32.lo1, etc. up to idrisi32.lo5.

The second option is to look at the lineage field of each output file. The lineage field stores the command line used to create that output. You can view the lineage field in Metadata.

Note, that both options use the Command Line syntax. If you are not familiar with this, you can find an overview in the Help and Tutorial. Each module has its own Command Line syntax and can be found in the Help for the module.

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