How to use driver variables in LCM

Hello all,

I am novice to LCM and trying to use it to predict change between two years. I am not able to understand how exactly to use driver variables in it.

What i have been able to understand from literature review is..we have constraints (which bring no change) and drivers (which can bring change). So, water bodies and reserved forests kind of classes which are supposed not to change over the year are considered as constraints. But what I need to understand & know is what value do we need to give them? A value of 0 or what?

And, for drivers (which can bring change), I have considered for say roads. Then how do I need to prepare it? Should I make a buffer of it? And do weights also given to the buffer layer depending upon the distance from the road?

I am really not able to understand how to proceed with the driver variables of LCM. If anybody can help, its very much appreciable.




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