Unexpected error condition encountered in series trend analysis of ETM

Some issue with ETM and Linear Modeling (correlate):

1. I am getting the error ''Unexpected error condition encountered. Please check the integrity of operation performed, the data file used, and the amount of disk space available.'' While running Theil Sen Median trend analysis in ETM. No such error is encountered with the same data with other series tend analysis methods like MK or OLS. I have tried providing mask file, prewhitened TSF also but every time the processing stops at 19% with the aforementioned error.

2.  I have been using linear modeling for regression between dependent and Independent series but not getting any out related to significance (p-value and z score) of the test. Even the correlate module of TerraSet has the same output without the p and z score image.

Kindly help to solve these.

Thank You!



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