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I'm working at a company manufacturing an unmanned aerial system for (vegetation) mapping, using a small format digital camera. I'm currently running Idrisi Selva in trial mode. From a large number of overlapping images, our processing workflow typically results in a orthomosaic covering 1km² at 5cm GSD in full color geotiff format. Additionally, a DSM is created in geotiff or xyz text file (point cloud coordinates). Importing the DSM geotiff is no problem, but I have the following questions:

  • When trying to import the orthomosaic geotiff, I get the following error: compressed rgb full color image is not supported. Is there any other way to import such an rgb geotiff without having to use other software to split the color channels first, like in ArcGIS? Specifically, we want to use the different layers from the orthomosaics to perform analyses such as NDVI calculation (from false color imagery) and change detection. Additionally, we want to use the orthomosaic for 3D analyses in combination with the DSM layer (draping in fly-through mode, contour line generation, viewshed and watershed,...). Typically, the rgb geotiffs that we generate are around 1GB in file size. Can I use GDALIdrisi, and what parameters should I enter?
  • how can we best import an xyz text file for the DSM? (the text file contains comma or white space separated xyz coordinates for a list of points, with no header information. Optionally, some attribute fields are present). We want use such files for editing (deleting some points) and to generate surfaces (TIN).

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