Count module // Error -999

Originally from ticket #20.

Hello. I took an array of 180 MODIS data products and reclassed them to 0 (where data is present) and 1 (where no data is present). I am now attempting to use the Count module to calculate a probability of a cell containing no data. I created a raster group file and entered it in the Count dialog box, and the module fails. The Idrisi log file indicates:

COUNT #*C:\ETM\test.rst*C:\ETM\TmpGrp_Count.id$

Count Error -999

Unexpected error condition encountered. Please check the integrity of the operation performed, the data files used, and the amount of disk space available.

If I manually use the dialog box to reduce the number of rasters to 50, starting either from the top of the rastser group list or the bottom of the list, the Count module executes and an output raster is generated and displayed. The Help file indicates that up to 255 rasters can be processed by Count, so I'm wondering what troubleshooting I should consider in order to facilitate executing Count for the entire stack of 180 rasters.

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This is a typo in the Help. The limit for the number of images that can be processed by Count is 50, not 255. We plan on increasing the limit in the next release, but for not you will have to run this in batches of 50 and the add the results.

James Toledano

Clark Labs

The Clark Labs Team

Hello James,

Well, that certainly explains it. Thanks for the clarification!




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