How to harmonize landuse classes for LCM ?

Hi Guys, Greetings. I used ArcMap 9.2 environment to convert my .img file into  .rst IDRISI 17.0 Selva. I have three LULC change data (1991,2000 & 2006 ) with 5 classes each.  I need some help to harmonize the classes for LCM.

I try to use LCM directly and it invoked the HARMONIZE LEGENDS tool. It asked me to give input for  NEW ID and CAPTION.  But my problem is that my landuse classes are in different order on both the LULC  .rst displayed map.  The CURRENT ID is not showing the full ID list of my .rst displayed map. It starts from third landuse class.

Thanks in advance.  regards,APR



Note: I try to load the screen shot as JPG file along with this query . But IDRISI forum is not accepting it.



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