API function CallPick

I use the Idrisi API in a Delphi application. I saw that there is a function CallPick but found no documentation about it. I guess that this function shows the Pick List for some file types.

I could call the function which really shows up a file list.
Depending on the first parameter (filetype: integer) it shows different file types.

0: all
1: raster rst
2: vector vct
3: avl
4: sig
5: sgf
6: all
7: ? I have none of this type
8: ? I have none of this type
9: projection
10: MAP
11: ? I have none of this type
12: smp
13: tif
14: sm0
15: sm1
16: sm2
17: smt
18: ?
... I got tired to try other values..
and I have no idea about the other parameters.
Are there other undocumented functions?
I have Idrisi Taiga (API User Guide Version 2.0)
Thanks, Rolf


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