TerrSet Earth Trend Modeler (ETM) error for Seasonal Trend Analysis (STA)

Dear all,

I have a problem which bothers me a while now. Using TerrSET ETM, i am able to work on my MODIS time-series created from a raster group file. Preprocessing (harmonic interpolation), filling etc. works all fine. I am able to explore the time series, produce a data-cube, and display images of various time-steps well. For analysis, I am able to run the Series Trend Analysis and also PCA and others.

BUT as soon as I want to carry out a seasonal Trend Analysis (STA), the main interest of my work, I get a strange error, which was experienced by other users as well. However, no solution is posted in the web so far:  “Unexpected error condition encountered. Please check the integrity of the operation performed, the data file used, and the amount of disk space available”

Since other operations work fine (same dataset, same time-series, IDRISI products from pre-processing tab), I assume this error is native to TerrSet and not a result of Windows-specifications (to make sure, I always run TerrSet as admin anyways). Any help on this issue is highly appreciated. Thank you very much!


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