Straight wide lines after running Change Allocation in LCM


I am using Land Change Modeler for predicting future land use. I could produce the results, however, couple of unusual things caught my attention. First, some of the predicted land uses are shown as strips and straight lines. It is normal? Is this the model’s error, user’s error? Or it is more graphic card problem? Second, I see some noises outside my study area after the analysis is over. Attached please find the screenshot of the results.

Also, I have another question. When we set some of the land use changes in “Transition Sub-Models” window to "No", it means that we don’t want to consider them in our analysis, right? So, why I can still see them in the “Change Demand Modeling” matrix. For example, I set all Forest changes I have in the “Transition Sub-Models” window to "No". However, they still have some values in “Change Demand Modeling” matrix.

Thank you for your help.


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