How can I add dynamic variable such as population (census) ?

Hi all,
For those of you which had a previous experience with Idridsi TerrSet (from ClarkLabs), I am considering working with LCM (Land Change Modeler) to model land use change over a rural watershed of 40 sq km in the sahelian climate (west africa).
I am considering three different types of land uses. I have the strong belief that all the land uses are being changed under the influence of the same set of driving variables. Amongst them, I have cultivated areas, which are continiously increasing, based on land use demand, which is closely (I believe) related to climate and population size.
Say I have annual population census (or density) values over the whole simulation period. However, these values does not change spatially over the whole area,. They are rather constant in space, but time varying.
How can I input them in the modelling process, using a Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) ?



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