How do I create a "cover map" in Idrisi for Windows v.2 format?

I am attempting to run the simple meteorological model found here:


To do so I need to create a land cover map of the area being modeled that tells the model where the water/land is:

"A cover map showing the location of land
and water (ocean) for the region must be prepared in Idrisi binary byte format
(water = 1, land = 2)"

I have created a map that does this in TerrSet version 18.31, however when I output to binary byte form it produces a .rst (not .img) file that is not read by the HURRECON model. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to the example file given (ne10.img and ne10.doc) and the file I have currently produced of the gulf coast WATER_MASK_TX.RST





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