working with coastal image

Dear Clark lab,

Currently im working on LCM to predict landchange for my study area which is coastal. My series of Landuse and landcover was prepared from ENVI and the ocean n cloud already been masked out. However, when i converted to Idrisi raster, the nodata area has value. I tried reclass, and query but still the background has value even during importing i did define the no data value (try n error: 1. leave it blank, 2. give it the same value from metadata, 3.give it the negative value).

Please help me, because this background value effect the process when i tried to create DIST_FROM_URBAN map after breakout the required layer. I even tried to make the boolean map first but after applied distance module, it seems like the background value is included. Below is the raster image of LULC that i turn on the transparent layer shows no background n the cloud masked.


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