Is it possible to reduce the number of sub-models when using the transition potentials for multiple land cover types?

Hi there,

I was trying to run the transition potentials for my dataset which contains 12 different land cover types. I would like to see each possible transition between these land cover types, and it produced 132 sub-models from the change analysis.

I have tried to group each land cover of the same "From" against all other land cover types (e.g. group all transitions from evergreen forest to all other land cover types), but I then will have to slip the sub-model of this group into two, as it can only take up to 9 sub-models in one group to run.

My question is that, is there any possible way that may reduce the number of sub-models which allows me to model the transitioning at once (or at least in a more efficient manner) without losing any information?

Can anybody help me with this? Thanks in advance.


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