Coordinate/Reference System Compatible between TerrSet and ArcGIS Pro

I read in the TerrSet Manual that Albers Equal Area Conic is compatible with TerrSet so I projected all of my datasets to this in ArcGIS Pro and then brought them into TerrSet. However, in the metadata in TerrSet, it says that the Ref System is Plane. I went change to this in the metadata, but I am not sure if the data is still Albers Equal Area Conic after converting it to IDRISI format. Additionally, I was not sure which, if any, of the listed reference systems in TerrSet when I went to alter the metadata are Albers Equal Area Conic. If one is, which one? If not, what is a good coordinate system in ArcGIS Pro that will be recognized and available in TerrSet? I want to be able to bring outputs from the Land Change Modeler and Ecosystem Services Modeler back into ArcGIS Pro for other analysis.


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