TerrSet 18.2 Installation and License Manager Error with Windows 10: Software blocked from installation error

On some Windows 10 machines you may get an error that the software is blocked from installation. This error may occur also with opening the License Manager after installation of TerrSet 18.2. This error is due to an invalid certificate on our installation. There is a workaround and we will resolve this issue in the next patch. There is no compromise using the installer on your machines.

The workaround entails running the installer and the License Manager through the Command Prompt. To start the installation, launch the Command Prompt (CMD) as an administrator and then run the installation. Once at the Command Prompt window, change your directory to the location of the installation exe file. Then type the name of the file: i.e.,, "terrset_setup_1802", without the quotes.

After the installation, you will need to run the License Manager the same way to activate the license. Also in the Command Prompt window, change your location to the TerrSet folder in c:\Program Files (x86). Then type the name of the License Manager, i.e., "tslicmger".

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    Sorry, does not work.  Can't find a setup file in the programfiles directory.

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